Is Instagram Active Accurate?

The accuracy of Instagram Active status is a critical factor in understanding the activity of people on the platform. With billions of users worldwide, it is important to know when someone is online and active.

So that you can interact with them or check their messages promptly, but how reliable is the Instagram Active status shown?

In this article, we will explore what factors affect the accuracy of this feature and how to verify it for yourself.

Is Instagram Active Accurate

Understanding the Instagram Active Status

Instagram Active Status is a feature that allows users to see when their contacts were last active on the platform, which can be helpful when trying to determine if and when someone will respond.

The purpose of this feature is for users to understand when people are active or not on Instagram.

The Instagram Active Status feature records when a user last logged in or interacted with the platform.

It uses a combination of factors such as how recently the user logged in, their battery saver mode settings, their privacy settings, and any third-party applications connected to Instagram to determine their online status.

The accuracy of this feature depends on several factors, such as whether or not the user has enabled the “Show Activity Status” setting in their account.

Without this setting, other users won’t be able to see when they were last active. Additionally, if a person has multiple devices to access Instagram, the status may not be updated correctly since each device contains its activity log.

Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Instagram Active Status

  • Technical Glitches: As with any feature of a platform, technical glitches or bugs can affect the accuracy of the active status. This could occur if the app cannot detect activity accurately or if the activity log is not updating correctly.
  • Battery Saver Mode: Battery saver mode can affect the accuracy of Instagram’s active status feature as it pauses various activities on the platform. If a user has their battery-saver mode enabled, their active status may not accurately reflect their activity on the app.
  • Privacy Settings: A user’s privacy settings can affect their active status, as these settings can prevent their activity from being shared with other users. If a user has their activity hidden, it will not appear on their profile and thus cannot be tracked by other users.
  • Third-Party Apps: Apps connected to Instagram will affect the accuracy of the active status. Some apps, such as bots and automation tools, can be set to take action and respond to users even when the user is not active on the app. This could potentially make it seem like the user is online when they are not.

Verifying the Accuracy of Instagram Active Status

To ensure that your Instagram Active status is accurate, it is important to understand the feature’s limitations and take steps to verify it. Here are some tips for checking the accuracy of the status:

  • Monitor your activity log regularly: Your activity log will indicate your activity on the app. If there are discrepancies or inconsistencies between your activity and the status displayed, it is possible that the status is not accurate.
  • Check third-party apps and automation tools: Third-party apps connected to Instagram can affect the accuracy of your active status. Disable any apps that might make it seem like you are online when you are not.
  • Check your device settings: Battery saver mode, privacy settings, etc., can all affect the accuracy of your active status. Ensure your settings are correctly configured to ensure that your status is accurate.

Why Does Instagram Show Active Now When I’m Not?

With the introduction of Instagram’s Active Now status, it has become easier to know if a contact is online.

However, this feature isn’t always accurate, and many users have reported seeing their status show ‘active now’ even when they’re not using the app.

This can be confusing and frustrating for those who rely on this information to stay in touch with their friends.

So why does this happen? One of the main reasons is due to an issue with notifications. When you receive a notification from Instagram, it will send a push notification to your device, which can trigger the active now status even if you haven’t opened or used the app.

Additionally, suppose you have any background tasks running on your device, such as checking for new emails. In that case, this could also cause the active now status to appear even though you’re not actively using Instagram.

Another reason your active now status might appear inaccurate is a bug in the app itself. If there is an issue with how Instagram handles notifications or other tasks on your device, it can sometimes cause a false active now reading.

Additionally, if you are connected to multiple devices simultaneously (such as a laptop, tablet, and phone), this could also affect how accurately Instagram reads your activity status.

Although these issues may seem minor, they can be annoying for those who rely on Instagram’s active now feature to communicate with their contacts.

Thankfully, there are some methods you can use to verify whether or not someone is online at any given moment by checking their recent posts or stories. If they’ve uploaded anything recently, they are likely still online and available for messaging.

Can Instagram Active Now Be Wrong?

Instagram’s Active Now status can be wrong. This can happen for various reasons, such as technical issues, account settings, and other factors.

For example, when a user’s device has a weak connection or is experiencing slow performance, it can take longer for their activity to appear on Instagram. This could make it appear that the user is not active when they are.

Additionally, suppose someone has enabled “Last Seen” privacy settings on their account. This could cause the Active Now status to be incorrectly displayed even when they are actively using the app.

Furthermore, if Instagram encounters any technical issues or outages during a specific time period, it may affect how accurately the status is updated in real-time.

If this happens while someone is actively using Instagram but appears inactive due to a glitch or error with the app’s servers, then their status could be incorrect.

In short, several potential factors can cause errors with Instagram’s Active Now status and make it difficult to assess whether someone is currently active on the platform accurately.

How Long Does Instagram Show Last Active?

Instagram Active Now can give users an idea of when their contacts were last active on the platform. Generally, this status is updated every time users interact with the app or visit their profile page. However, it’s essential to understand that there is no exact timeline for how long the status will stay active.

When someone opens their account and posts something or sends a message, their active status will appear next to their username in various places, such as the news feed and search results.

This lets other users know that they are online and available for interaction. Sometimes, this could also be used to check if someone has seen your post or message without asking them directly.

The amount of time that the active status appears varies from person to person, depending on how often they log into Instagram and interact with it.

Generally speaking, if someone logs in regularly, their active status will stay visible for more extended periods than those who are less frequent users of the platform. Someone’s active now status can remain visible for up to an hour after they have logged out.

Can Someone Be Online on Instagram Without Them Knowing?

Yes, someone can be online on Instagram without them knowing. This can occur if they have enabled their “Last Seen” setting to “on”.

If this setting is enabled, then anyone who has access to that person’s profile will see when they were last active. This could lead to people stalking or monitoring their activity without their awareness.

Privacy settings also allow people to hide their activity status from specific users. By selecting the “Hide Activity Status” option in the Privacy Settings, users can choose specific people from whom they wish to hide their activity status. This means that even if someone is online on Instagram, those selected won’t be able to see it.

Furthermore, Instagram allows users to disable both Last Seen and Hide Activity Status. Doing so will stop all notifications related to the user’s activity time, and only those with direct access to your profile can tell when you were last active on Instagram.


Instagram’s active status is a helpful tool for keeping up with your friends and family. It can be challenging to determine its accuracy. Factors such as device settings and network connection can affect the accuracy of the status, meaning that it may only sometimes be accurate.

It is also possible for someone to be online on Instagram without them knowing, as well as for Instagram to show active now when they are not. Ultimately, verifying the Instagram active status’s accuracy is important to ensure that this feature works properly.

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