Fathers Day Captions 2023

Fathers Day 2021 is no federal holiday and falls on the third Sunday in June. Holiday dates change every year but are always on Sundays.

There are several things to consider, such as what gifts to give to the father of your life, what to write on your Fathers Day card, whether to get together and what to share on social media!

In addition to looking for some perfect pictures to pay your respects, you may want to consider writing the message with them. Need some motivation?

Fathers Day Captions 2021

We collect some Instagram caption for your fathers day moment. You can choose what best for your posts! We cover funny fathers day captions, Happy Fathers Day Captions, Sentimental Fathers Day Captions, Father’s Day Captions for Stepdads, and you can get father-daughter quotes.

Once you use pictures from your childhood, big milestones, and more recent events, you’ll be ready for the final piece of the IG puzzle: captions.

Thinking of the right words to ask for justice in your relationship or how to smile at this important person in your life can feel challenging.

But are you interested in a funny, tongue-in-cheek message to pay tribute to the person who encountered it, who taught you the insults you know and love, really looking for a sweet feeling that helps add just how much?

Whether your dad meant it or something in it, we’ve got you covered with these 100+ fathers day captions!

Happy Fathers Day Captions

Fathers Day Captions 2021
  • A father is someone you consider as tall as you are.
  • A father is not an anchor to hold us behind and not sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love guides us.
  • Fathers and daughters do not always see with their eyes but always have heart to heart.
  • Father: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.
  • Dad, your guide’s hand on my shoulder will be with me forever.
  • Dad is someone who wants to catch you when he reads you. Instead, he picks you up, brushes, and lets you try again.
  • When I feel inadequate, loved, and unworthy in the darkest days, I think whose daughter I am, and I straighten my crown.
  • Some people don’t believe in heroes, but they haven’t met my father.
  • Fathers hold their children’s hands for a while and keep their hearts forever.
  • Life does not come with a manual – it comes with a father.
  • My dad will always have a special place in my heart.
  • My dad gave Superman a run for his money.

Funny Fathers Day Captions

Fathers Day Captions 2021
  • I hope this Fathers Day is as fun as it was before your kids.
  • The greatest farmer in the world. I mean Dad.
  • A father is someone who carries pictures where his money was used.
  • Happy Fathers Day, Dad. As a gift to you today, I will make fun of all your jokes.
  • Thanks for being a cool parent. Don’t tell mom.
  • You will always be the father of bones.
  • On Fathers Day, let’s review the most important lesson I learned from my dad: Coffee.
  • Dad, I can never repay you. Literally.
  • Thanks for killing all these spiders.
  • We all know I am your favorite. Mom doesn’t have to know.
  • Dad, thank you for saying “yes” whenever mom says “no.”
  • Dad, you’re one in a million. Pretty much everyone is ready and responds in the car if you want to leave.
  • I finally tested the oil in my vehicle. Happy Father’s Day!
  • Dad, thank you for saying “yes” whenever mom says “no.”
  • Today is another day without me. Welcome to you.
  • A father carries pictures of his children where his money was used.
  • Here is one of my favorite parents!
  • Dad, I can never repay you. Literally.
  • I feel bad for other people today. My dad is the best.
  • I may not be perfect, but that’s fine. I forgive you!
  • Thanks for killing all these spiders.
  • Dad, you’re a cool dad. But if you tell your mother, I will deny it.
  • The worst joke. Best dad.
  • I’m sorry for everything. Unfortunately, the list is too long to explain.
  • I will always be your little girl. And your financial burden.
  • You are my best father of all time.
  • Thanks, Dad, for putting up with me!
  • We all know that mother did the hard part. However, happy Father’s Day!
  • You are very hip. It was given to * your father * before you got cold.
  • To pay tribute to Father’s Day, I promise to make fun of all your jokes.
  • Not all heroes wear capes. Mine goods wear shorts.
  • Happy Father’s Day, Dad. You were right about everything.
  • You will always be the father of bones.
  • It sounds indifferent, but Dad, you are the biggest.

Sentimental Fathers Day Captions

Fathers Day Captions 2021
  • My dad would be the greatest man you could ever hope to know. I am very lucky she is mine.
  • I know I often made it hard to be my dad but his support, love, and direction never diminished. Thanks, Dad, for everything.
  • I can only expect my dad to be half a parent to me. Happy Father’sFather’s Day to all great fathers and everyone who tries to live up to their example!
  • A father is someone you consider as tall as you are.
  • We don’t always see in front of our eyes – but my dad always spends time from heart to heart. Happy Father’sFather’s Day.
  • Your brilliant example indicates that I will make any decision. Happy Father’sFather’s Day to the best father ever.
  • Thank you for kissing all the bubbles, for killing all the spiders, and for making me feel safe and loved every day of my life in general. I love you, dad!
  • The day I doubt myself when I think I’m not good enough, I remember how you always made me feel like I could do something. Thanks.

Father’s Day Captions for Stepdads

  • My bonus dad screams.
  • Thanks for always being on my team
  • The family is not measured by blood. It is calculated by what is in your heart.
  • Thank you for being a dad when you didn’t need to be a dad.
  • Paternity biology is not about love.
  • Anyone can be a father, but someone special takes to be a stepdad.
  • We are not “steps.” We are just family

Father’s Day Captions Inspired by Quotes

Fathers Day Captions 2021
  • “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me.” —Jim Valvano
  • “When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.” —Linda Poindexter
  • “I’ve said it before, but it’s absolutely true: My mother gave me my drive, but my father gave me my dreams. Thanks to him, I could see a future.” —Liza Minnelli
  • “Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.” —Anne Geddes
  • “The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get.” —Tim Russert
  • “She did not stand alone, but what stood behind her … was the love of her father.” —Harper Lee
  • “Dads are most ordinary men who are turned by love into the biggest hero, adventurers, storyteller and singer of songs.” —Pam Brown
  • “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it.” —Clarence Budington Kelland
  • “A father’s smile has been known to light up a child’s entire day.” —Susan Gale
  • “I decided in my life that I would do nothing that did not reflect positively on my father’s life.” —Sidney Poitier
  • “A man knows when he is growing old because he begins to look like his father.” —Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • “I know that I will never find my father in any other man who comes into my life because it is a void in my life that he can only fill.” –Halle Berry

Song Lyrics for Father’s Day Captions

  • “Came into this world, Daddy’s little girl. Daddy made a soldier out of me.” —Beyoncé
  • “Fathers, be good to your daughters … You are the god and the weight of her world.” —John Mayer
  • “Take my hand and walk with me, show me what to be.” —Justin Bieber
  • “Bit by bit, I’ve realized that he was here with me, I looked into my father’s eyes.” —Eric Clapton
  • “Just the two of us, we can make it if we try.” —Will Smith
  • “My father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me … And I knew for sure I was loved.” —Luther Vandross
  • “Years ago, we used to play, we used to laugh when I ran away. But when I fell and hurt my knee, he would run to comfort me and the pain would go away.” —The Monkees
  • “There were times I thought he was being just a little bit hard on me, but now I understand he was making me become the man he knew that I could be.” —Keith Urban
  • “For you, he’s the best he can be. Oh child, don’t you know your daddy love come with a lifetime guarantee?” —Sade
  • “Daddy wasn’t no scholar, No, he didn’t have a Ph.D. But in my eyes and down in my heart, my daddy means the world to me.” —Gladys Knight and the Pips
  • “There is no one else like my daddy. And I thank you for lovin’ me.” —Beyoncé
  • “The older I get the more I can see, How much he loved my mother and my brother and me. And he did the best that he could. And I only hope when I have my own family. That every day I see a little more of my father in me.” —Keith Urban
  • “Just the two of us… we can make it if we try.” —Will Smith
  • “Came into this world daddy’s little girl. And daddy made a soldier out of me.” —Beyoncé
  • “Daddy’s hands were soft and kind when I was cryin’. Daddy’s hands were hard as steel when I’d done wrong. Daddy’s hands weren’t always gentle but I’ve come to understand. There was always love in daddy’s hands” —Holly Dunn
  • “Chase your dreams but always know the road that will lead you home again. Go on, take on this old world — But to me… you’ll always be my little girl.” —Tim McGraw
  • “For you, he’s the best he can be. Oh child, don’t you know your daddy love come with a lifetime guarantee?” —Sade

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