200+ Best Father Daughter Quotes And Sayings 2022

Father Daughter Quotes Beautiful collection of cute and sweetest father-daughter quotes for you. Share these heart touching quotes with your beloved parents or sweet daughters to bring smiles to their faces.

A father-daughter quote is always unconditional and boundless, regardless of whether he grows up or chooses life for himself. Being a bride is not only about responsibility and constant anxiety. It can also be about fun and connection.

A daughter is a great friend, confidant and can be part of all kinds of wonderful adventures. Of course, the bond of the father and daughter is complex. These deep relationships can carry a lot of baggage and hurt.

Given their complexity and importance in our lives, as a quote about family highlights, it is a family relationship where both learn essential things from each other.

Short Father Daughter Quotes And Sayings

Are you looking for the perfect father-daughter quotes for your Father’s Day card? Or could there be a special message for his birthday or love day? Or are you looking for a simple reminder of your love for sharing with him unnecessarily?

No matter the occasion, father-daughter quotes can help your father make your note extra special. Check out the quotes below for cute, fun, and inspirational messages for any dad or daughter.

Then, when you’re done, check out our Anniversary captions for even more parents’ love. The short father-daughter quotes also use in your Instagram Photos.

best father daughter quotes

• “In the darkest days, when I feel inadequate, unloved, and unworthy, I think whose daughter I am, and I straighten my crown.”

• “Dear father, no matter where I go in life, with whom I will marry, how much time I spend with boys, how much I love my husband, you will always be my number one man. Love. Your little girl.”

• “Daughter, feel comfortable; Your faith has made you well ”- Matthew

• “Virtue is the strength and power of the daughter of Shabdar.” – Ellen S. Dalton

• “Your intention as the daughter of the king of kings is not to turn heads. Your purpose is to turn your hearts toward our Heavenly Father. “

• “Being a daddy’s daughter is like having permanent armor all your life” – Marinella Reka.

• “A daughter needs her father to be her standard, against which she will judge all men.

• “The best gift I’ve ever received is from Shawar, I call him Dad. “

• “Some people don’t believe in heroism. However, they did not meet my father. “

• “Daddy: A daughter’s first love.”

• The rules for dating my daughter.

• Understand I don’t like you.

• I’m everywhere.

• If you hurt him, I’ll hurt you.

• Come home 30 minutes ago.

• If you lie to me I will find out.

• She is not your conquest of my princess.

• I have no objection to going back to prison.

• Whatever you do to him, I will do to you.

• “Father. Son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.”

• “My fingers may be small, but I hug my dad around them.”

• “Truly the Wonder Father Behind Every Great Girl” “

• “Dad holds our hands for a while and holds our heart forever” “

• “Parents are important as parents.”

• “Daddy you will leave me today, but I will always be your little girl. Never forget i love you first “

• “My father taught me to pay my own price.” – Dawn French

• “I am my father’s daughter when I try my best.”

• “Daddy go with me.

• “Dad walk with me and grab my little hand. I have so much to learn that I still don’t understand.

• “Teach me daily things to keep me from danger. Show me how to do my best at home, at school, at play. “

• “Every baby needs a gentle hand to guide them as they grow up, so dad go with me. We have to go a long way. “

• “A girl can break into your lap. But he will never let your heart out.

• “The gun does not kill people. Dad is there with beautiful girls

• “A father is not the anchor for holding us back, and not a pal to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.

• “Any man can be a father. However, a special person is needed to be a father. “

• “There is no more love in the world than a father’s love for his little daughter.”

• “I may seem calm and reserved but if you mess with my daughter, I will spread the madness that makes your nightmares look like a happy place.”

• “Daddy what is daddy? You.”

• “The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother.”

• “I will fight with you in a mess. Mess with my daughter and they will never find your body.

• “No one in this world loves a girl more than her father.”

• “A girl holds your hand for a while but your heart is forever.”

• “My dad gave me the biggest gift anyone could give me, he trusted me.”

• “I’m a princess because I don’t have a prince. But my father is a king and he is Shavar. “

• “A good father will leave his mark on his daughter throughout her life.”

• “Talk to your children as if they were the wisest, most humble, most beautiful and magical people on earth, because they will become what they believe in.” – Brooke Hampton

• “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He was alive and he saw me doing it.”

• “Always your little girl.” – Daughter

• “The love between a father and daughter is forever.”

• “When my daughter says” Daddy I need you! “I wonder if he has this idea that I need a billion more times. – Stanley Behrman

• “I loved him first.” – Father

• “I took my daughter to a father and daughter dance and I cried like a baby. She’s 11 years old, so seeing her dressed up and making me cry ”” – Kevin Hart

• “To a father growing up there is nothing better than a daughter” – Euripides

• “The reason why daughters love their father the most is … there is at least one man on earth who will never hurt her.”

• “When my father didn’t have a hand … I had my back.” – Linda Poindexter

Best Father Daughter Quotes

• “My father. My father is just like any other man. He gave me life, nurtured me, clothed me, fought for me, held me, made me laugh, kissed me, but above all. He loved me unconditionally. I can say enough words to describe how important my father was to me and what powerful influence I have had. You do not. I love you, Dad. “

• “Father, be the first love of your daughter. Open the door for him, pull his seat out, and talk/treat him with the utmost respect … Set expectations about how a man should treat a woman, and he will never be underestimated. “

• “It was a charge for the love of ordinary fathers that was both permissive and instinctual. There was something so beautiful about this little girl’s complimentary big daddy. The sincerity and the bitterness that comes together at last – yet the dilemma won’t hurt the little wound! It’s a tribute. In a world where the stars are always crushed in the small, you are big nature and god and evil. You couldn’t help but think of your father as you watched his little girl accompany him – Meg Ulitzer

• “One of the great things about daughters is how they loved you when they were younger; How they happily jumped into your arms and demanded that you keep an eye on what they do and listen to what they say. These memories will help you in less pleasant times when their worship will be replaced by embarrassment or resentment, and they do not want you to see what they are doing or what they are saying. And yet, you would expect your daughter to be worshiped every day of her life, but you realize how lucky you are to have what you already have. “- Michael Josephson

• “Because of a daughter’s child, things look differently. This is my only daughter. So I don’t care what it takes to protect him. You can call it whatever you want to call it. As long as you treat her the same way, I don’t feel like my princess. “- Tracy Morgan

• “They say that he was watching over her. A father adores his daughter. As she grows up, she’s always Pigtail’s little girl to him. She makes her feel like Christmas. In return, he makes a secret promise not to look at the absurdities of his teenage years, the mistakes he makes, or the secrets he holds. “

• “When no one else could, he opened the barrel of conduct. He is the only person in the house who is not afraid to go into the basement by himself. She cut herself shaving, but no one kissed her or got excited about it. When it was understood, he got the car and brought it to the door. When someone was ill, he went out to fill the prescription. He took lots of pictures … but he was never in them. ”- Irma Bombay

• “A girl’s father is nothing but a high-class hostage. A father turns his face towards his sons, hits them, kicks ants, kicks the ground, snouts, throws them under his brush, but when his daughter puts a hand on her shoulder, father, I need to ask you something, ‘she said. Heat the butter in a hot frying pan. – Garrison Keiler

• “When talking to your daughter, there is something like a gold yarn that will slowly hold you in your hands for a few years and knit in clothes that make you feel like a long one” – John Gregory Brown

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Funny Father Daughter Quotes

Being a dad is not always fun, but some sense of humor goes a long way and these funny father-daughter quotes about dad and fatherhood. In general, they are funny because they hit home completely.

The following quotes are full of love for the special bond between father and daughter as they are fun. Here is your funny father-daughter quote…

Funny Father Daughter Quotes

• My father had a profound influence on me, he was crazy. – Spike Milligan

• Dad is a big Pokémon Go player. Once folding his clothes, he shouted “OK I caught all the laundries”.

• I want my son to wear a 24-hour helmet. If it is socially acceptable, I put my baby in a full helmet and a cage across his face mask. – Will Arnett

• The worst thing that can happen to a man is that his wife comes home and she has lost a child. “How did everything go?” “Great, we’re playing hide and seek.” – Synod

• Everyone takes dad for granted. Just listen to the radio: Mother of all things. What is daddy song ‘Papa was the Rolling Stone’. – Chris Rock

• My kids always accuse me of giving birth to a favourite child which is ridiculous because I don’t like any of them.

• When you were young, you considered your father Superman. Then you grow up and you realize he’s just a regular guy who wears a cape. – Dave Attell

• I gave my dad $ 5 and said, “Buy yourself something that will make your life easier.” So she went out and bought a gift for my mom. – Rita Rudner

• Let me know that my wife is just going to be a dad for the first time. The bad news is that we already have two kids. – Brian Kiley

• My sisters and I can still read Daddy’s Grilling Rules: Rule No. 1: Dad’s in charge. Rule No. 2: Rule No. 1 Repeat – Connie Schultz

• I was so ugly my dad took a picture of a kid carrying his wallet. – Rodney Dangerfield

• I asked my dad for a BB gun, but he said we were a warrior, not a tribe of worries – Hillary Price

• Fatherhood pretends to be the present that you like the most is a rope soap. – Bill Cosby

• I love my dad because even though he has Alzheimer’s, he remembers important things. He may not remember my name, but last week he told me how much I miss him. – Thaira Liss-Smith

• Men should always change diapers. It is a very rewarding experience. It’s emotionally cleansing. It’s like a dishwashing dish, but think that the dishes were your kids so you really like the dishes. – Chris Martin

• Seeing “Chicken Run,” my father suddenly shouted “Yeah, okay. All these chickens work together.”

• While walking through the irregular section of the grocery store dad used to say “why ‘depends’ why? I want” for tunes “.

• Dad is listening to mommy teaching me how to put an app on an iPhone. Me: Go to the App Store. Papa: Do you have to go to the store?

• My dad told me that he accidentally swallowed some scrabble pieces and he wasn’t looking forward to his next bowel movement.

• I once saw him Google “Do you think krautons go bad?” As if he would like to know the specific opinion of the website on this topic.

• Whenever I used to tell dad that I was going to the bathroom he would reply, “Mention my name and you will get a good seat”.

• My dad used to tell us to turn on the TV to “talk them out loud”.

• After watching an incredible 3 hour whale. Papa: That was great. I think I got some great pictures. Gives me his phone When I checked the gallery I saw a bunch of pictures of his forehead because he didn’t know the camera was in selfie mode the whole time.

• Mother: Who Should We Keep As An Emergency Contact For The Cruise? Papa: Coastguard

• My dad always said, “I’m a badass. That means a smart dad.”

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Famous Father Daughter Quotes and Sayings

Father Daughter Quotes for Instagram

There is something special about this relationship that makes every father and daughter in the world talk about it warmly.

Check out these famous father daughter quotes to discover the many layers that make a father-daughter relationship so strong. Of course, here is another collection of father daughter quotes.

• “I took my daughter to a father and daughter dance and I cried like a baby. She’s 11, so seeing her dressed up and making me cry “” – Kevin Hart

• “When my daughter said ‘Daddy I need you!’ I wonder if he has any idea he needs more than billions more times. ” – Stanley Behrman

• “When I got home, my daughter would knock on the door and give me a big hug and what just happened that day just melted away” – Hugh Jackman

• “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He was alive and he saw me doing it.” – Clarence Buddington Keland

• “The happiest moment of my life was probably when my daughter was born” “- David Duchovny

• “My father taught me to be valuable to myself.” – Dawn French

• “My father was my hero. He was there for me when I needed it. He listened to me and taught me a lot. But for the most part, he was having fun. -Bindy Irvine

• “I’m a princess because I don’t have a prince, but my father is a king.” – Author unknown

• “There will always be some people who love to do good things inside of us. One of these people is my dad. – Allison Lohman

• “The father’s job is not to teach his daughter how to be a woman but to teach a woman how to behave” “- Unknown

• “A daughter needs her father to be the standard against which she will judge all men” “- Gregory E. Lang

• “I can’t think of anything I needed in my childhood as a father to need protection.” -Sigmund Freud

• “Being a daddy’s daughter is like having permanent armour all your life” – Marinella Reka

• “The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother.” – Ellen S. Dalton

• Fathers, take care of your daughters. You are the Shaver and the weight of his world “- John Mayer

• “It is certain that no daughter has perfect affection for angels, as the Father does to a daughter” “- Joseph Addison

• “The other name of love to him was the Father’s name.” – Fanny Fern

• “The reason why girls love their father the most is because … there is at least one man on earth who will never hurt her.” -Anonymous

• “For every man to look after every girl, you are the bride of the world and the burden of the world. – John Mayer

• “I was never a marital girl. My dad always told me to never love anything that you couldn’t love.” – Imelda Marcos

• “This girl stole my heart and she calls me Daddy” – unknown

• “My dear father; my dear friend; I knew the best and wisest people of all time, who taught me many lessons, and he showed me many things as we traveled together on the road.” – Sarah Orne Jewett

• “No other girl in this world loves her father any more.” – Michael Gemstone

• “Even as he was older, he sometimes missed his father.” –
• Gloria Naylor

• “Nobody is able to make a wife a queen without her father …” – Arab Proverbs

• “A good father will make an impression on his daughter throughout her life.” – Dr. James Dobson

• “When My Dad Had No Hand, My Back Was” – Linda Poindexter

• “Father’s Name Was Another Name To Him” – Fannie Fern

• “A father is always turning his child into a little woman. And when he is a woman, he returns to her.” – Enid Bagnold

• “I love being a girl because I’m my father’s little girl and that stone!” – Author unknown

• “A Man’s Daughter Has His Heart. With Only Foot, Walking In The World” – Mad Johnson

• “I love my father as a star – he is a brilliant shining example and a happy glimpse into my heart.” – Terry Gillimets

• “Love knows no distance between father and daughter.”

• “Father is nothing more than a daughter to grow old” “- of Euripides

• “Virgo is the cause of treasure and sleeplessness.” – Ben Cerach

• “I love my father. My father is everything. I hope I can find someone who will treat me as good as my father.” – Lady Gaga

• “A girl can break into your lap, but she will never raise your heart.” – Author unknown

• “Father, my hero, companion, financial support, audience, life counselor, friends, guardians and thank you for being there every time I need a hug.” ~ Agatha Stephanie Lynn

• “When talking to his daughter, there is something like a gold thread through the words of a man, and for years it becomes long enough to take in your hand and knit it in a cloth that seems to love yourself.” – John Gregory Brown

• “The main reason a boy needs a father is to show him that not all boys are capable of injuring him” “- Unknown

• “It is commendable for a man to let his son go fishing but there is a special place in paradise for his daughter to shop for”

• “A father should be his son’s first hero and his daughters first love.” – Author unknown

• “Being a dad and always being my life, breathing super hero” – Bindi Irvine

• “A father’s tears and fears disappear, his love is unpublished, but his care and protection remains a pillar of strength throughout our lives” “- Vaniarachi

• “My dad gave me the greatest gift anyone could give me, he trusted me” “- Jim Valvano

• “My father is one of those people who always dares to love something strange inside us. – Allison Lohman

• “I laugh because you are my father. I laugh because you have nothing to do with it ”” – Unknown

• “Clever father, clever daughter; Cute mother, cute son. ”- Russian proverb

• “A little girl giggles when her mother refuses her ice cream. She knows her father will get her sometime later.” – Unknown

• “Many people want him to be strong enough to tear off half of the telephone – especially if he has teenage daughters.” – Guy Lombardo

• “I think my mother did it best. He said, “Little girls soften their father’s heart.” – Paul Walker

• “Fathers, treat your daughters well. You are the Shaver and the weight of his world “- Robert Orben

• “Fathers are the most ordinary men who, by love, become the greatest heroes, adventurers, storytellers and songwriters.” – Unknown

• “The son is the son until he has a wife; The daughter is a daughter throughout her life – the Irish say

• “A daughter is a joyful memory of the past, a joyful moment of the present, and hope and promise of the future.” – Author unknown

• “I took my daughter to a father and daughter dance and I cried like a little kid. She’s 11 years old, so seeing her dressed and making me cry” “- Kevin Hart

• “My fingers may be small but I hug my dad around them.” – Unknown

• “My daughter’s biggest achievement for me is she is a small star and my life has changed a lot since she came. “- Dennis Van Aueten

• “When I see my daughter not too sweet, my life feels incomplete, my emotions subside and my heart skips a blast. I love you.” – Unknown

• “Truly the Wonder Father Behind Every Great Girl”- Unknown

• “I wish we were all daddy’s little girls. He was and I hope our little finger is still there. No need to take any more comfort for the comfort of knowing he is there.” – Violet Decantis

• “Every father decides whom to marry his daughter: without giving orders, show examples.” – Unknown

• “Fathers and daughters have a special bond. She is always daddy’s little girl. – Richard L. Ratliff

• “Not only is the father an example of the daughter, but the daughter is a great inspiration to the father.” – Unknown

• “Because death could only keep him away from you “- Ollie Carter

• “When my daughter said ‘Daddy I need you!’ I’m surprised he has any idea that I need a billion times more than that “” – Stanley Behrman

• “A Daughter’s Laughter Is Every Father’s Secret Purpose” “- Unknown

• “Dear Father, you have taught me everything you know. I am grateful to Shower for being your daughter.” – Unknown

• “It is impossible to please the Father of all the earth and of one.” – Jean de la Fontaine

• “Little girls are the only people capable of softening the hearts of powerful men.” – Unknown

• “A good father always stands behind his daughter” “- Unknown

• “When parents fight to be authentic, they leave the clay footprint in the little girls’ hearts.” – Tina Sample

• “If you do not want your daughter to maintain a low status status, not only become an ideal father, but also an ideal husband.” – Unknown

• “A marriage is for daughters and fathers. Mothers all dress up, trying to look like young women. However, a marriage is for the father and daughter. They stopped marrying each other that day. ”- Sara Ruhl

• “All fathers are the teachers of life: they teach their daughters what they can expect from men.” – Unknown

• “Daughter’s Laughing Daddy’s Favourite Symphony” – Unknown

• “It was as if we were exchanging codes about being a father and daughter, as if we were translating from a different language into a manual and reading what we understood.” – Aimee Bender

• “A father is a model for a younger daughter. When she grows up, she looks for a boyfriend like her father. – Unknown

• “You Don’t Know How Your Girl Can Love You Until You Show How You Love Him”- Unknown

• “You fathers will understand. You have a little girl He is looking at you. You are his Oracle. You are his hero. “- Stanley T. Banks

• “The sign of a great father is that his children enter his arms when his hands are empty.” – Unknown

• “The great thing about daughters is how they loved you when they were younger; How they happily jumped into your arms and demanded that you keep an eye on what they do and listen to what they say. “- Michael Josephson

• “There is one simple solution to all of my life’s problems – a hug from my daughter.” – Unknown

• “He was a father. A father does it. He loves them is easy to understand. Save the last thing he loves from the paintings of the last minute ” – George Sanders

• “I’ve lived a difficult life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships my father gave me, to get me to where I started.” -Bertrand Hubbard

• “You have hugged me with your finger from the day you were born.” – Tim McGraw, my little girl

• “My life is a fairy tale story because it is about a princess – surrounded by my beautiful daughter. I love you.” – Unknown

• “Father is someone whom you do not consider as tall as you are” “- Unknown

• “The day my daughter was born, I realized that her eyesight was my guiding light and her smile, the purpose of my life. I love you.” – Unknown

• “He returns her hair from his ear and she pushes it over his head. He says that he is her é heterosexual, she says he will not leave her in a million years. – Anthony Doerr

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