300+ Perfect Birthday Captions for Instagram: Instagram Birthday Captions Perfect for Your Big Day

Best Birthday Captions for Instagram : Everyday is not your birthday, so it is important to invite all your friends and family to celebrate with you. Your best loved one is a best way to contact your loved ones. Choose a special birthday instagram captions or message and add a fun birthday photo or selfie in the birthday glam. After all, it can post a selfie you can be birthdays and you can also. When you are ready to start, see the happy birthday instagram captions below.

How to use Instagram birthday post captions?

Want to post on social media for your birthday, but not sure what to share? Follow the simple tips below:

  • Choose an Instagram photo from your birthday party or dinner or a photo of the moment you are presenting at the moment. Posting a photo from your celebration is a favourite of many, but for those who want to post before their party or who didn’t take a photo during their birthday, it’s great to have a backup plan. A perfect birthday photo can also be created using one of your favourite selfie or portrait photos.
  • Choose a caption that presents you but is also safe to share with family. Keeping your captions appropriate will help ensure good post ages.
  • Use the Instagram story function. Post your favourite caption according to your story Let all your followers know exactly what day it is.

For birthdays of friends and family, don’t post anything too embarrassing. As much fun as it can be for you, you don’t want to upset them on their birthday!

Birthday Captions for Instagram

Looking for sweet and cute birthday captions for Instagram to put down your own photos? Or maybe pictures of your best friends? It doesn’t matter, we all have. Your grandparents from the birth of a new-born baby to the sweet 16. You have come to the perfect place.

• My happy birthday one year older and one year older!

Birthday Captions for Instagram
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• It’s not the years that determine our age, it’s the experience. Here for a year of new and exciting experiences for me!

• On this day a queen was born, and that queen I! For everything I do here is given one year to another year.

• Today is the day I got to celebrate myself. And I want to celebrate every minute of it! It’s party time.

• Thanks to everyone who has done so much this past year! I hope the latter is better.

• It’s my birthday and I’m enjoying it to the fullest! I look forward to another significant year full of happy memories with my friends and family.

• And one year, another collection of precious memories. Thanks to everyone who helped make them!

• I’m officially one year older, and one year closer to my dream. Here we are to achieve what we want.

• Take out the party hats. It’s my birthday, and I intend to celebrate!

• Thank you, Mom, for giving birth to such a great man today!

• It’s my birthday, and I deserve to be celebrated! Let’s party!

• Hey everyone! Send me some good vibes for my birthday. This is my special day!

• One more year, another success. Many more will have to win to get here!

• Drink coffee and eat cake!

• On this day, a queen was born.

• I like birthdays but I think too many people can kill you.

• Studies show that those who have the most birthdays live longer.

Birthday Captions for Instagram
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• When candles cost more than cakes, it’s time to realize you’re getting older.

• I’m glad to hear that your unborn baby is still young.

• Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cakes.

• I decided that you are not an adult, you are doing 25 extended shipping and handling.

• I am very great, I was given a certificate at the time of my birth.

• Let your problems be as small and distant as my grandmother’s teeth.

• Another trip around the sun.

• Don’t count your candles. Just enjoy the aura.

• Happy birthday beautiful.

• Happy Birthday to all.

• It’s your birthday. Make a wish.

Birthday Captions for Instagram
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• Happy birthday…

• I am very happy that you were born.

• Happy birthday to a great person.

• Many happy birthday.

• I wish you a happy birthday.

• Someone I love was born today.

• I hope your birthday is as special as yours.

• Here’s another great year.

• Don’t count the years, count the years.

• Hugs, kisses and happy birthday.

• Birthday cakes do not count calories.

• I wish you a happy birthday.

• The biggest wishes for your birthday.

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Instagram Birthday Captions for yourself

Instagram birthday captions for yourself that you can use to highlight this special day! We know how important it is to celebrate your birthday. This is a time when quotes, wallpapers and other birthday pictures make so much sense to greet each other mean nowadays there is a trend to greet people with birthday pictures and quotes. This is the tendency to express and love yourself especially because of your birthday. These quotes will help you start celebrations and festivities.

Birthday Instagram Captions
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• Dear self, don’t worry about your age, your age will be next year. Happy birthday!

• One year old, one year brave. It’s my birthday!

• I pray to grow old and grow up without teeth. Happy birthday to yourself!

• Happy Birthday to me today, I pray for love, peace and happiness. Happy birthday to yourself!

• Donut Crush My Vibes On My Birthday.

• I’m such a terrible person that it’s hard for anyone not to recognize it – even me! Happy birthday to me.

Birthday Instagram Captions
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• The more I celebrate birthdays the more I fall in love with myself. Happy birthday to yourself!

• On this day I wish myself a life full of happiness. Happy birthday to me.

• Thanks mom, for giving birth to this great baby.

• Gone party like hell because it’s my birthday, happy birthday!

• I officially +1 which gives one more indication of my success. Happy birthday to me!

• Happy birthday to my beloved, I am one more, please pray that the Lord give me a success this year.

• I will enjoy the best of today and not laugh like before because this is my day. Happy birthday to me!

• I am grateful for the gift of life! Happy birthday to me!

• Today, I just want to thank God for adding another year to my life. Happy birthday to me.

• Hey everyone… eat, drink and rejoice because this is my birthday.

• Thank you, mother, for giving birth to this great child.

Birthday Instagram Captions
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• I’m not just over a year old, but better and happier than a year has never been before. Happy birthday to me!

• I can’t help being beautiful, I’m born this way. #Birthday_girl

• Happy birthday to someone who is full of incredible greatness! Yes, that’s right. It’s my birthday.

• I’m officially one year older today and much cooler than before. Happy birthday to me.

• On this day, a queen was born. #mybday

• Birthday is good for me. Statistics show that the longer I live, the better.

• I am very great, I was given a certificate at the time of my birth.

• I want to thank everyone for my special day, come and join me as I celebrate it.

• Yes, today is my birthday, so I will be treated like a queen.

• Dear Husband, Have a great day and don’t forget now you can park everywhere in disability places. Happy birthday you old.

• Even though I’m much older now, I’m glad my taste buds are still working – so I can still enjoy my cake and eat it too! Happy birthday to me!

• Birthday is good for me. Statistics show that the longer I live, the better.

• It’s my birthday so make sure you’re wishing me a happy birthday, yes, thank you for the beautiful gestures when you congratulated me on my birthday. It was better than a material gift.

• Thank you for your presence and for adding to the joyful spirit of my birthday party with lovely gifts.

Instagram birthday captions for yourself
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• Dear husband, you have survived one more year of misery, laughter and happiness, congratulations!

• I am grateful to my Creator for everything he has done in my life, most importantly for giving me the opportunity to enjoy another birthday in good health and happiness. Thank God. Happy birthday to me!

• As I recall the day I started in this world, I just want to shout out loud that I am grateful for the priceless and precious gift of life, which without a doubt is the greatest birthday gift for me! To ask. Happy birthday to me!

• Today is my birthday. And as I celebrate it, I’m grateful for the great blessing of waking up in the morning to see another day. I am also thankful for all the good things the good Lord has done in my life over the years, and I pray that He will continue my life with His precious blessings. Happy birthday to me!

• Thank you, mother, for giving birth to this great child

• Thanks for visiting next year

• Happy Birthday to the most amazing man “Write your name here”

• Don’t worry about your age, your age will be next year. Happy birthday!

• “Happy Birthday to me” or “Thanks for the greeting” or “Since the world has been seeing this beauty for X years”.

• I enjoy the whole year that I spent with my friends before but today I am enjoying my birthday with my husband today.

• The angels are singing, the sun is shining, today is your birthday and I am celebrating. You are my angel in heaven. I love you

Instagram birthday captions for yourself
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• I am moving upwards, reaching new heights every day. Nothing will stop me from gaining glory! Happy birthday to me.

• Not everyone is as lucky as me to be blessed by parents like you. Thank you so much for coming and standing by my side in my life. Happy birthday to me.

• Now is your chance for anyone who wants to span me! It’s my birthday! PS Mom, it doesn’t include you.

• Today was the only day when I cried and my mother smiled at it iled happy birthday mom beautiful baby, happy birthday for me.

• Even though I have reached an age when my thoughts sometimes let me down, I am fine with it. I mean, I have enough money to ride a Cadillac instead now, so I guess some things will work out in the end. Happy birthday to me.

• When did I get such a bad smell, old man ?! Nowadays I can only go to the cemetery and meet friends – when you know you are old. Oh well, my happy birthday.

• Now that I’m officially middle-aged and my brain is caught up with me, why would my body start to run away? This is not right. My guess is I know what I’m buying myself for my birthday: Botox and a gym membership. Happy birthday to me.

• Happy birthday to the smartest person in the world, happy birthday to me !! 

• You can understand me more than I can understand myself. I have never been able to thank you enough for what you have done for me. Happy birthday to this best friend from all over the world.

• Happy thinking. Happy memories. Happy dreams. Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

• Happy birthday from me! It’s party time because I’m great! A brand new year full of laughter, love and new friendships!

• Fictional Dr. To quote Seuss: “I am me. It’s a great thing to be. If I say to myself, ‘Happy birthday to me!’ It means a great deal for me!”

• Happy Birthday to someone great, talented, beautiful and fun! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT isn’t for me either.

• Hey guys, I finally discovered what the wonder years are – all I do these days is wonder my phone, my wallet, my car things yes, these aren’t like they get cracked. Happy birthday to me. Yes.

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Happy Birthday Captions for Instagram by age

The following birthday Instagram captions are sorted by age only for you. Choose the one you like or use them to inspire all your captions. Alternatively, you can also look for the perfect happy birthday quotes for your Instagram captions. And be sure to order your birthday party invitations with your favourite birthday captions or quotes!

18 Birthday Captions for Instagram

Although every birthday is precious to everyone, the 18th birthday is special. Because it adds some extra colour to everyone’s lives with adults and with new horizons of freedom. If you are a lucky boy / girl then you are going to celebrate his / her 18th birthday. Of course you will find these 18th birthday captions for Instagram as fantastic.

18 Birthday Captions for Instagram
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• 18 doesn’t sound very different, but it’s sure to be fun!

• 18 years of extraordinary.

• Sweet 18 years.

• The 18-year-old is still crazy.

• 18 years old, but it looks like I’m already 40 years old.

• 18 year old!

• After adults

• Bringing big dreams at 18.

• Cheers 18 years

• Don’t be fooled

• From now on I can eat ice cream for dinner whenever I want!

• Guess who is a legal adult?

• #Adulting is nothing here

• I don’t know about you, but I’m 18.

• I am 18 to the end.

• Leech, I mean, eighteen-birthday machine.

• Mama we made it.

• It feels like 18.

• Thanks to everyone who made my 18 years the best in the world.

• The 18-year-old is so exciting!

• I am amazed at the person I have become. Happy 18th birthday to me.

• Hey, I’m celebrating my 18th birthday, which means I’m also loud for dirty talk.

• My 18th Birthday Resolution: The only strongest thing I can be is my own.

• Dear self, first the flower photo, then the bee will come. Be careful, I’m 18 now.

• It took me 18 years to get this beautiful.

• I can’t stay calm because it’s my birthday and I’m 18 until the end.

• It will party like my 18th birthday, because it is!

• Now that I’m 18, I’m both an adult and a teenager! Happy 7th birthday to me!

• Wow, I’m eighteen! I got the baby brain and it took eighteen years to get the heart of an old man so far.

• The angels are singing, the sun is shining, today is my 18th birthday and I am celebrating.

• I realized that I still have a baby mature myself happy birthday. Yet a long way!

• Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am celebrating my 18th birthday! Happy birthday to me!

• I’m in the middle without a plan. I am a boy and I am a man. I don’t know what to say. I’m eighteen and love it!

• Enjoying my 18th birthday, dear, and still have two good years to enjoy being a teenager!

• Hey, I’m not a kid anymore. Happy birthday and welcome me to youth!

• I’ve faced it all and I’ve grown taller and done it to reach my 18th birthday.

• When one of us was 18 years old it was almost! Drink on you, then! Happy birthday to me!

• This moment in your life you become an adult, I know you can do this dear.

• I don’t know how to act at my age. I have never been before this era.

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19th Birthday Captions for Instagram

Chizin ‘because I’m 19!

Enjoy your last teenage year, kid!

It took 19 years to get it right.

Someone would tell you that you are in an awkward stage: you are an adult, but still not out of your teens. But you are never this young man again! Happy Birthday, Enjoy!

Their day 19 is just a filler’s birthday, so let’s fill it with a great party!

Birthday Instagram Post

Birthday Instagram Captions
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• Birthday is the most special day of a person’s life so enjoy it to the fullest.

• Happy birthday! Your life is going to speed up and explode in the stratosphere. Wear seat belts and be sure to enjoy the ride. Happy birthday!

• Birthdays are incomplete without those who love and care for you.

• It’s rare to find special friends, but I’m glad you’re one of them! I will never forget my friend’s birthday wishes.

• Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cakes.

• Happy birthday girl! I just want to make you happy. Because that’s why I’m so happy.

• I believe I can’t live without you. You are an amazing person and I love you so much! Happy birthday dad!

• My cutie pie, here’s wishing you the most happy birthday!

• Today I have revived my old memories and enjoyed reminiscing about our childhood. I know that the warmth of those innocent days is still with us and will always be. Happy birthday

• I can’t help being beautiful, I’m born this way.

• Time to drink champagne and stand at the table.

• I am so glad that this beautiful human continues one more year.

• Happy birthday to you all the time, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you fall asleep at night.

• I’m not old, I’m getting pretty.

• This is my birthday week! Yippee!

• On this day, the most beautiful mind was born he was my best friend and I am proud of him.

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Funny Birthday Captions for Instagram

Your birthday is important AF. This is a holiday that celebrates the beginning of your existence and just for that, you deserve an extra cake (or five) pieces. With the spotlight shining exclusively on you, you should take advantage of the birthday hint with some dope selfies in your new outfit. You’ll be busy with it, so when you’re ready to post on social media, keep some fun birthday captions ready and waiting for Instagram.

• On your birthday I’m going to share the secrets of staying young: lies about your age.

• Happy Birthday to a dear friend who is very dear, bright, funny, talented and reminds me of many things.

• Birthdays are just finger posts on the road to aging.

• Happy birthday to a few people without Facebook reminders whose birthdays I can remember.

• Okay, at least I won’t be next year!

• I came here for a birthday cake.

• Happy birthday from the most grateful girlfriend on the planet. I love you more than you know.

• For your birthday, I wanted to give you some gifts that were both fun and charming, but then I thought you already got me in your life.

• Of course, I don’t know how to act at my age. I have never been before this era!

Funny Birthday Captions for Instagram
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• Don’t be all weird about getting old! Our age is just how many years the world has been enjoying us!

• Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cakes.

• Another one year old, but certainly not intelligent.

• Candles cost more than cakes, you know

• What is my age acting? Probably next year.

• This is my birthday, I can make wine if I want.

• I’m right here for the cake.

• I am too young to feel this old.

• Older is old enough to know better, not to care.

• The only things that get LIT today are my cake candles!

• They said, have a birthday party. It will be fun, they said.

• Officially old enough for a skincare routine.

• New age, same to me.

• It will party like my birthday … because it is.

• Old enough that I need a filter on this photo.

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Birthday Captions for Boyfriend

People talk and act, they talk and act, they express themselves and then take the initiative, but is that the sequence of events, isn’t it? So, let’s make it clear from the beginning that words and verbs are two completely different things! To explain this, on your boyfriend’s birthday, you can easily find some good birthday wishes for him, but you need to make an interesting plan that will surprise him.

Birthday Captions for Boyfriend
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• Happy birthday to my special people! Meeting you was the greatest thing that ever happened in my life!

• You are a special person to me. So, you are going to receive a special place in my heart and special wishes for a birthday as a lover. Happy birthday

• For your birthday, I want to give you cum and soft kisses under the stars, but above all I want you to know how happy I am to be your daughter.

• You give me joy, love and light in my life. I hope you have the happiest and craziest birthday

• Sweetheart is sending you a sea of love on your special day! May your birthday be as cool and cheerful as yours!

• Happy birthday to the most special person in my life! You complete my world, darling!

• Your arms are like my home, where I keep peace and strength. Happy birthday to the person who is full of comfort.

• The best thing in the world is to celebrate the birthday of the one you love. I am so lucky I can tell you mine. Happy birthday

• For the most handsome lover in the universe, I hope your birthday is just what you want with love and devotion, always, your very happy girlfriend.

• Happy Birthday to my amazing boyfriend, who is always there for me, who listens to me and calms me down. I love you endlessly, dear.

• You have love, kindness, laughter, politeness, made you the perfect lover. You are mine and always will be. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.

• Happy birthday to my unwavering rock! I can always believe that thank you as a man.

• The guy who can make me attractive across the room with a whole smile, I hope this day brings your favorite and more!

• When you hold me, I feel like I’m at home, so safe and warm inside. Happy birthday to the man I love with all my heart!

• Happy Birthday to the most charming, fun, interesting and cradle personality in town. Have a nice day

• Happy birthday to my adorable boyfriend! I can’t imagine my life without you, honey, wishing you the happiest you want!

• Happy birthday and love of my life! Wishing you the most amazing and unforgettable special day!

Birthday Captions for Boyfriend
Birthday Captions for Instagram

• From the moment I saw you, I was fascinated by your smile and good looks. Now this is your special day, and I wish you still knew I was still raising my head.

• Happy Birthday, my love, I wish you all the great experiences of your day and every day!

• You have charming eyes and face first attraction inside you but inside you I like the most affectionate thing your happy birthday darling.

• Your smile, love and laughter make me live my life happier. Thank you for all the support you have given me in my life. Happy birthday to my superhero.

• Our deep love gives us so much warmth that coolness and loneliness go away easily. I am always for you and you are always for me. Happy birthday! Be happy!

• The warmest and most cheerful greetings on the planet! Have a great day!

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Final Word About Birthday Captions for Instagram

We hope you enjoyed these happy birthday captions so you can enjoy your profile with pictures of your special day. We will continue to bring you the best quotes and captions for any event. Stay tuned for more updated captions. Be sure to check out our site for other theme captions available.

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